Almost a month ago I finished my introduction course to Mindfulness on #mindfullnessAustralia and every night before bed I use to do my #bodycheck for only 12 minutes which is an exercise that I recommend to start cultivating your own #healthylifestyle

Take note!
In Mr. Google type the following Key Words: «body scan», «mindfulness meditation, body awareness», etc. and then choose the audio or video that suits you (minimum 12 minutes).
Begin your practice as soon as possible, and if you can do it for 21 days (at least) do the test and you will see the following benefits of the good rest that I am experiencing myself and that I want to share with you …

Mind benefits
✔Improve your memory
✔Improve your mood, sense of humor and readiness for your daily activities

Body effects
✔ Regulate your endocrine system (glandular functioning and hormone) and thus stabilize the mood.
✔ Rejuvenate and improve your physical appearance
✔Regulate the metabolism

Soul connection
✔ It regulates the functioning of the pineal gland (which secretes serotonin and melatonin) that is considered our «third eye» and helps us to be alert and aware of our environment and our intuition.
✔ Help keep our energy centers (chakras) balanced

Now that you know, I invite you to share this note with a friend that you believe will benefit from this challenge of starting your own #healthylifestyle and finished 21 days (3 weeks) share your experience i.e. I recommend you do it at least 21 days since it is scientifically proven that the brain begins to make new connections when we integrate a new behavior a minimum of 21 days to then record it as a new habit!
So you know, everyone can put these tips into practice and very soon I will be giving you more related information so that together we continue to improve our quality of life with these simple but powerful #tuesdaytips. See you the next time!!

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