Ginger is one of my favorite daily Super Foods, has many healing properties and is a plant (root) native to India that was used as a body and energy detoxifying agent. It prevents and treats digestive problems (promotes digestion after meals), strengthens the circulatory system (promotes blood circulation and lowers cholesterol by dissolving thrombi that form in the arteries). It is excellent for stimulating our respiratory system (congestion, cough, chills and eliminates phlegm).
It’s awesome!

On top of that, Ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic. I remember that I once made a very good paste of ginger with garlic and clove to relieve a toothache of terror! I wrapped it in a gauze and left it all night stuck to gum and the next day, «voila», it was the best remedy!!😊

So now you know!

Ginger tea, ginger as seasoning to season meals, ginger powder or chopped sliced , your choice! the important issue is to include it in our daily healthy diet for all the benefits it gives us! If you liked this #tuesdaytips do not hesitate to share and visit my Instagram and fan page Francisca Milagros / Life Coach to continue learning a little more about how to create a better life without greater sacrifice, but increasing the intake of this rich Food that brings us more benefits!
See you the next week!!

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