“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”— –Matin Luther King.

To begin this cycle of #tuesdaytips on December I share this phrase to celebrate and inspire together the winning theme that you themselves voted #mentalfocus. Ideal to end the year, right?

Have you ever wondered what the formula is to keep your attention and intention on goals that you propose? Have you ever felt trapped in the game of «procrastination» (a habit of delaying activities that need to be addressed, replacing them with other situations that are more irrelevant or pleasant)? Or worse, have they begun with a lot of desire for an idea or project and on the way they have been losing the impetus without being able to solidify ideas, projects and many times even your own dreams?

If the answer is yes, this #mentalfocus special is for you!! And as Luther King says, today we are going to take our first step! i.e. Take a role and answer this short list of key questions to learn how to increase your attention and fulfill your wishes for this 2017:

What tasks, hobbies or activities keep your attention more focused?
What are the characteristics of these tasks? (Challenging, enjoyable, entertaining, etc.) Describe them and give examples.
Does the environment influence your willingness to keep your attention in any of these activities? What stimuli help me, which distract me?

That’s it! Just give yourself a few minutes to reflect on these questions, since they are a key task to start ordering your ideas and identifying the potential we can use to make your desires more than an idea, a reality!
Next week I will tell you what to do with these answers, there are many tools that can help us increase our focus, we just need to give the first step and the rest of the way is being created … If you liked this post, tag some friend you want to inspire and give them simple tools to increase their power of intention this end of year.

Because #wecandoit. Let’s go for 2017 full of dreams that can come true.

A hug for everyone! #fmlifecoach #inspirationbeyondborders

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